15 April 2013

Benefits of Search Engine Submission :

Search Engine SubmissionEvery business today is based on profit and loss; where every businessman aspires to be a profit holder. The competition within every online business is on a progression and the circumstances are like “the survival of the fittest”. Those who do not appear good in search results lose their business to those who appear or those who are popular or those who have made themselves visible etc. Everyone is doing their bit to become a provider to as many as possible. 

When a consumer browses the internet to search the best possible answer to his question, the browser performs some calculation/analysis/search/runs its algorithm to provide the best suitable answer and to be a part of that suitable answer it is very necessary that those top search engines should know about your website.

Here comes the process of Search Engine Submissionwhich is the starting procedure of optimization. A website when goes live it takes some time to get them crawled and indexed (if the search engines go in their own pace to search new pages throughout the globe). But to increase the chances of getting crawled early we submit them to the search engines ourselves and inform them about its presence.

This process places you on the map of top search engines and when you put you URL in search, it would automatically create your website link as the top result. There are many benefits of a search engine submission process.

Here are few which we consider are really good and helps a website in of ways.

Increase the probability to get noticed: This process increase the probability of getting noticed by a search engines. Search engines crawls the web from time to time and if something is new they will reach to it in their own sweet time, which can be early or can be late; but a search engine submission manually does this work of informing them that you are new and they should take a look at you.

Enhances the possibility to appear in search results: If a search engine knows your website is present, if the keyword selection and other processes have been handled technically in a right direction then this submission enhances the possibility of appearing in the search results because the engine knows you and also knows the content about your website.

More Traffic: Once you have submitted your site to various search engines like: Google, Yahoo, MSN and some category specific ones, the websites get crawled and when the search engine for which keyword they should show you, you appear in search results. The more optimized your website is the more chances to getting in top results. Hence, the traffic to the website increases.

For SEO: The optimization process involves the use of search spiders whose main task is to crawl over all the pages in your website and analyze that the information found is matching the current search or not. It helps to give boost to the SEO process.

Website Promotion: This process helps in website promotion. Once the website is complete and analysis of keywords has been done, content is relevant; the website submission helps to promote your website to the target audience looking for authentic information/product/services. 

These are the Benefits of Search Engine Submission.

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