20 February 2013

What is SWOT Analysis?

Swot Analysis of website
SWOT Analysis
1. What is SWOT Analysis of a Website?

1. SWOT :  Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threads
  • Positive Points In SWOT Analysis :
Strength - Content (Unique), Frequently Update, Quick Load Time of a Site, Nice Website Architecture, SEO Friendly Web-Site.

Opportunity - We Should Provide Better Service and Better Products to Grab The Opportunity.
  • Negative Points in SWOT Analysis :
Weakness - Duplicate Content, Frequently not Updated, Slow Load Time Of a Site, Website Architecture is Not Good or not A SEO Friendly Web-site.

Threats - Your Competitors Are your Biggest Threats. So Learn Every Activity which they follow and what makes them result better on Search Engines.

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