15 April 2013

Benefits of Link Building in SEO

Link building is the process of creating inbound back links for a website. Links are the most prominent factor (after a good content) that determines the ranking of a web page in search results.

Web masters treat link building as a strategic approach to improve the search engine traffic. The relevance and credibility of the web page that links you determines the quality of the incoming link. Higher the quality and better the quantity, more the visibility your site will enjoy.

The most effective links are the links from related web pages. Unfortunately, this is very time consuming and may be limited to certain types of websites. Thus, the manual link building methods use listing in web directories, article directories, link baiting, social bookmarking and reciprocal linking.

Benefits of Link Building :

Link building is technically is a part of off-page search engine optimization method. Search engine bots lands in your site by following links from other sites. By gradually building such natural links across the web, your site receives better traffic.

The Benefits of link building are:

Faster Indexing – Indexing of a web page happens when Search Engine bots start visiting it quite frequently. Links are the transport system on the web. By link building, your site will get more search engine spider traffic resulting in faster indexing of the web pages and wider search engine exposure.

Better Ranking – Search engine algorithms calculate page ranks based on the quality of the web pages. For a web page, the content as well as the quality and quantity of inbound links determine its quality. Link building methods create a good number of high quality back links for a web page thus boosting your search engine ranking.

Improved Traffic - Search engines and humans land on a website by following links from other sites. More number of links on other popular site naturally leads better amount of traffic to your site.

Targeted Traffic – The link building process places links on other relevant web pages. Therefore, it is highly likely that the person, who visits your site by following the link, is interested in the subject. For a business website, this would result in more sales.

Create Awareness – It is unlikely that people get to know of your site of their own. Link building is the simplest and inexpensive method to create awareness about your site to the people interested in the subject.

Increased Visibility – Placing links in every possible place on the web result in increased visibility for your site. More people seeing your site naturally means more traffic can follow.

Adds Credibility – A site gain credibility when more people refer to it. Links are actually references to a web page. Link building helps to create an impression in the reader’s mind that this is a resourceful web page as many experts in the field are referencing it.

Strategic Link Building Methods :

Link building is not creating thousands of links in a single day. It is a strategy to build a decent number of good quality links from diverse websites over a longer time period.

Quality of link depends on the content of the web page in which your link appears. Relevant content means better the quality of the link. Apart from that the linking text (also called the anchor text), also determines the link quality (the better if it is some relevant keyword). This is important as the linking text hints the content of the linking webpage (especially for the search engine bots).

Now let us see how to create such high quality links for your site. Following are the most effective and hence the most popular link building methods.

Organic Link Building – This is the ethical link building method. If you are good at creating high quality content, many people will refer to your website as a high quality resource on the topic. It is a fact that organic links sustain for a long time but are not easy to build. Google wants you to follow this method for a long lasting ranking.

Directory Submission – Directories are yellow pages on the web. Listing your webpage in a relevant category will give you a high quality inbound link. The quality is high as the link is coming from a webpage that has a relevant title and similar content. In addition, most of the directory owners permit the use of an anchor text that can be a relevant keyword for your site.

Social Bookmarking – Social book marking refers to linking your popular web pages at the social book-marking sites such as Digg and StumbleUpon. This can fetch a huge fan crowd to your website. Enthusiastic fans will link to your site resulting in more traffic and better search engine ranks.

Link Purchase – Some website owners may not be interested in taking part in link exchanges. And most often, you can approach them to place a paid link. Link purchases turn effective when the linking site is highly relevant and extremely popular in the niche.

Blog Commenting – Blogs invite constructive comments on each page they produce. This can be effectively used to build links. However, for this, you need to provide high quality comments. Try to write something that will be valuable for blog owner so that he will be willing to approve your comment with a link back to your website.

Article SubmissionArticle submission is the method of adding relevant articles (that carry a couple of links to your site) to the article directories. The link quality is high as it is from a web page that talks on similar content. In addition, the linking text is entirely your choice so it can be your preferred keyword.

Press Release – A Press release is an announcement made to the media about the launch of a product or service. As a link building method press releases can create awareness among people of the existence of your website (or the product or service that you sell). A press release page usually has a link to your site that can lead to more traffic.

These Techniques are the best Link Building Techniques for Off-Page Optimization.

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